Ordering Scottish Certificates Transcripts and Photocopies        
Civil Registration of  Scottish births, deaths and marriages began in 1855.  
To obtain a certificate, transcript or photocopy of a birth, marriage or death entry in the register all you will need is to provide some details about your ancestor.  A transcript is an accurately typed copy of the original record. Photocopies are copies of original BMD entries.
Genfindit can also provide transcripts of early Scottish Church baptism and marriage records from 1553.   Transcripts are available for most events to within 18 months of today.
  Feel at ease knowing you have the correct information....
Certificates are called "official extracts" in Scotland
Certificates are fully legal, suitable for passports
Photocopies/transcripts  are an economical alternative
We can't supply photocopies of births less than 100 years
All searches are by agents at the Edinburgh GRO
Delays rarely  occur and are beyond our control
All prices are inclusive of a reasonable search
No refund for unsuccessful searches 
^Au$18 refund partial refund is given if no legal certificate is sent. 
Prices are charged in Australian dollars. Other currencies are subject to slight variation.  Currency Converter
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1553 to 2012 includes recent events!
livery by email usually in a few days


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Despatch average 1 week by airmail.     Births           Marriages      Deaths
1855-1912  1855-1937    1856-1962


Full Legal Certificate^  1856-2012
Despatch average 1-2  weeks by airmail


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See  What's On Scottish Certifcates for details of information found on Scottish Certificates and transcripts after 1855.  
For transcripts before 1855 the amount of information shown on baptism and marriage records varies. In many cases the information is minimal.  Baptisms usually show both parents names. In some instances only the father's name is shown.   Marriage records usually do not show the parents' names or ages of the bride and groom.


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