Ordering Irish Constabulary Service Records
The Irish Constabulary was established in 1822, and was renamed the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in 1867. Both services were responsible for keeping of the peace, gathering intelligence, enforcing civil law and acting as census enumerators etc. Approximately 85,000 men served between 1816 and when it was disbanded in 1922. Genfindit can search for, and if found, supply a photographic image record of the member's entry in the service register.  Sample headers of service registers are here and here.

Your images from the service register normally include the following:

  • Service number and full name
  • Age  when appointed or year of birth
  • Height in feet and inches
  • Native county (birthplace)
  • Previous trade or calling
  • Religion
  • Marital status and native county of the wife. Only single men could join the RIC but they could marry with permission of superiors after serving 7 years.
  • Date of appointment 
  • Name of person recommending appointee
  • Counties served,  includes dates and transfers
  • Dates of promotion or reductions in rank
  • Rewards, punishments, marks of distinction
  • Dates of discharge, dismissal, resignation or death 
  • Emigration places are sometimes noted
  • Length of service and amount of pension

If the initial search locates several persons of the same name we will advise you the index details of each entrant - name, age or year of birth, native county, if married in service and year of entry. You will be asked to select an entry for issue of service record or take a refund of 50% of the fees shown below. Similarly if your entrant's name is not found in the index at all we will refund 50% of the fees shown. We use The Royal Irish Constabulary Index (indexed by Hervey Bay Indexers) and The Royal Irish Constabulary: a complete alphabetical list of officers and men, 1816-1922 to locate entrants. 

  Feel at ease knowing you have the correct information....
All search results notified by email within 1-2 weeks
Delays rarely occur and are beyond our control
RIC Service Records are images and are emailed to you
All searches are by Genfindit or it's agent at the FRC
All prices are inclusive of a reasonable search
50% partial refund for an unsuccessful search
Prices are charged in Australian dollars. Other currencies are subject to slight variation.  Currency Converter
RIC Service Record Order Form               

RIC Service Record
Delivery 1-2 weeks by email


  Name of RIC Member


Approx. year born 


Town or County


Year enlisted in RIC


Date or (approx.) year  of death


Extra details which might aid search
e.g  Service locations, marriage during RIC service,
RIC Numbers etc



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