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Still looking for that elusive ancestor? Genfindit has a wealth of experience in UK, Irish, Australian and New Zealand research. As well as having access to extensive collections of indexes, microfilms, CD-ROM's and online sources, we use our network of UK and Irish local agents who visit local Record Offices and Archives to extract records from the registers and other specialist sources. Our Customer Testimonials attest to our high success rate in establishing your family tree connections!

We will undertake an evaluation of you requirements and do some preliminary work to establish the viability of providing you with successful results. We then contact you with our response and our recommendations. Should you choose to continue we ask you to set a budget or pay for research by the hour.. If you also require hard copies of records from archives we ask your permission before purchasing these at cost.  We will estimate the  time to complete the work. On completion we will send you a final report outlining results obtained.  We will do our best to meet your objectives. Good luck in your further research.

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All research is sent by email where possible
All hard copy documents are emailed or mailed to you
Delays rarely occur and are beyond our control
All searches are by Genfindit or it's agent researchers
All prices are inclusive of  reasonable searches
We can't guarantee positive results.
Prices are charged in Australian dollars. Other currencies are subject to slight variation.  Currency Converter
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