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There are no complete surviving censuses for the early 1800's period in Ireland, therefore the 1823-1838 Tithe scheme for the Church of Ireland is a great asset of  recorded tax for landholders taken in every county.  Their Name, County, Parish and most importantly their Townland and Date taken, is given, along with the number of  arable acreage taxed.  The results of the search will show surnames common to and  associated with a certain area.   Sample of an extract here
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Co. Mayo
Parish of Kilmainemore,     21 Oct. 1825
Drummany townland
Bernard  Duggan       2 acres
Patrick   O'Duggan     21  acres
Liscune townland
Mary Duggan         4acres
Crossbanebeg townland
Andrew  Duggin      27 aces
(all variant surname sp. will be given)

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