Ordering Irish Church Records to 1880
Civil registration of all births, marriages and deaths began in 1864 except Protestant (Non Roman Catholic) marriages which began in 1845Before civil registration we must rely on church records. Genfindit can, subject to availability, search for and if successful transcribe church records provided you can supply the name, parents' names (if known), religious denomination and parish or townland location where the birth, marriage or burial occurred.

Copies of the church registers are researched at the National Library of Ireland, the National Archives of Ireland in Dublin and The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) in Belfast.  Due to the fragile condition of some of the records the archives may not allow photocopying of the parish registers they hold and can only transcribe the entry.  View samples  . Most National Library of Ireland records can now be provided as photocopies.

Some church registers were lost in the great fire in 1922. However nearly all Catholic registers are still available, as are 60% of  Church of Ireland, most Presbyterian and other denomination records.  Commencement dates of baptism, marriage and burial registers vary from parish to parish. Catholic parishes often have different boundaries and names than their Protestant counterparts. There is no publicly available conversion table on the internet to convert an Irish civil parish name to a Catholic parish name. Genfindit uses an Irish Recordfinder computer program to identify correct parish names and ascertain availability of records.

Prices below include a search and a record provided  if found by our researchers.  If we are provided with insufficient information to enable a search or records are not available at the above archives we will ask you to choose for us to undertake a short search other resources such civil BMD indexes, Griffith's Valuation, Tithe Applotment index records and provide an appraisal of of further searches/records OR accept a refund of 75% of the fees.  

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All search results notified by email usually 1-2 weeks
Delays rarely occur and are beyond our control
Church records are usually supplied as transcripts
All searches are by Genfindit or it's agent at the archive
All prices are inclusive of a reasonable search
No refund for an unsuccessful search
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Irish Church Record to 1880
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Please ensure your request is for a record PRIOR to 1880.    

 Extra details which might aid search
e.g. Siblings names, children's names, occupations.
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 If insufficient information is submitted or no parish records are available at the above archives , please indicate if you require a 75% fee refund or commission a short search of other records and appraisal of further potential searches/records    

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  Please search other records
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